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Let us take care of the end to end process for you

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We believe that every video we create should "say something" - essentially it should tell a story.  This doesn't mean that it needs to contain speech, but after watching the video the viewer will feel something (an emotional reaction) and will have learned something.  

Before a camera is picked up or a location booked, we want to spend time with you on "Pre-Production".  This is so we can really understand the message you want the video to deliver to the viewer, and have a feel for the type of style you want the video to have.

Above all, we listen.  We listen to what you want the video to achieve and we listen to the expectations audiences have when consuming video content.  We then bring it all together to create something that exceeds your expectations and resonates with the target audience.

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One of our key strengths is the creativity we bring to every project, allowing us to create something unique for you.

By taking inspiration from various cinematic and television genres around the world, we are able to suggest ideas that are visually strong and so will have maximum impact on viewers across all media platforms.  Our knowledge of trends in global film making styles mean that we are often able to suggest ideas that make our videos stand out from the crowd as they have a different look from the majority of videos competing for a viewer's attention.

Underpinning all of our ideas is an awareness that that film must deliver a clear message to the viewer and motivate them to take action - such as navigating to your website.

Filming: About
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We bring over twenty-five year's worth of experience of video production to every film that we create.  This means that not only do we know how to get the best results from a camera and all the associated equipment, but that we also understand the types of shots, angles and editing techniques that have a greater impact on the viewer and maintain their interest.  

It's not only technical knowledge and artistry that are important when creating a film, it's also an awareness of how the 'language of film' has evolved and changed over time.  This ensures that a film can look professional, modern and reflect current trends on how a viewer expects a film to look (of course, this knowledge can also be used to create something that stands out as it looks different to what a viewer might expect).  

Or maybe you want your film to have a vintage rather than a modern feel - through our knowledge of how film language has evolved over the years, we can ensure you achieve the exact look that you want.

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If you want a video created, you are more likely to be interested in what the finished video looks like rather than what camera was used to film it.  We understand that, and so won't bore you with details about camera specifications or 'codecs' (data compression) when talking to you about your requirements. However, as an overview:-

  • All of our equipment  (video, sound and editing) is of professional broadcast quality (rather than consumer use), and is the same type of equipment as used by those making television programmes around the world.  For example, our Sony broadcast camera is a similar model to the ones being used around the UK by ITV News.

  • In addition to cameras that meet the European Broadcasting Union's specification for 'Long Form' use on television, we also use camera's with a full frame censor, which creates a more cinematic feel to the video.

  • Our cameras can produce very slow motion footage if required (this is a very fashionable look at the moment).  For example one of cameras can record at 240 frames per second, so when it is slowed down to play at 30 frames a second the recorded footage looks smooth with the camera appearing to glide.  

  • We use professional Arri lighting, which when combined with coloured gels, can create the right look/atmosphere when filming.

  • 'Sliders' and 'gimbals' can be used with our cameras to introduce smooth and steady camera movement into our shots (this increases the production values the video appears to have, while looking modern and on-trend).

  • If you want a 'Hollywood' look with sweeping aerial shots, then we can use our drone with a fully qualified and experienced operator.  

  • Our live streaming ability allows us to combine professional grade cameras and microphones, with broadcasting software, so that we can broadcast your event live to social media.  

Of course, if you are interested in learning more about the equipment we use then please ask - while we are conscious that we don't want to bore you, we never get tired of talking about our kit and the benefits it can bring to a client.  After all, we might just discover a new creative way to use a piece of our kit just by chatting about it with you.  

Filming: About


As a professional company we want our clients to know that we are fully transparent when dealing with them.  We want you to know what you can expect from us, but also what we expect from you.  

When entering into a filming project we ask the client to sign our standard contract, that specifies things such as delivery date for the finished video, as well explaining what we need from you in order to complete the project.   This minimises the possibilities of any mis-understandings.  

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Prices depend largely on the complexity of the project and are calculated on the basis of filming and editing days.  So please contact us for a quote.

However, as a very rough starting point:-

FROM £250

Final edited videos up to two minutes long

FROM £500

Final edited video over two minutes long

Filming: Price List
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