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Imagine you are holding an event - perhaps a conference, a seminar, or even a sporting event.  You know that it's going to be popular, and you would love to be able to film the event and stream it live over the internet so even more people could experience it.  How do you do that at the moment?  One option could be to film using a smartphone while streaming via an app on the phone.  If you have ever tried doing this then you will be all too familiar with the problems likely to be encountered:-

  • Holding the phone steady for any length of time is VERY difficult meaning those watching online will find it hard to concentrate on what they are watching as the phone wobbles/bobs around.

  • Pictures are only half the story - the microphones in smartphones are never going to be great at capturing the sound of someone speaking 50 feet away at your conference.  This means that those watching your stream online are going to struggle to hear much of what is being said.

  • From the position you are filming from it is difficult to highlight relevant details - for example if the event is a presentation and there are slides, it is difficult to film the speaker, while also filming the slides in a way to that the text on them could be read by the online viewer.  Therefore the viewer may struggle to understand exactly what the message is.  

So while using a smartphone to stream your event is a solution, will it reflect your event in a positive light if the the pictures from the stream are hard to watch, the sound is unintelligible, and the text on the slides is impossible to read?  For those trying to watch this online, what impression do you think they will have about your brand?

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Our live streaming service provides you with...

  • Broadcast quality cameras on professional tripods, giving you a steady and clear image no matter how long the event lasts.

  • Our cameras can provide smooth in/out zooms, allowing close ups of details as well as wide shots to provide context for the viewer.

  • Sound captured with a range of professional quality microphones, which can be live mixed during the event to ensure viewers are constantly receiving the best quality sound - for example, wireless lapel microphones (such as the ones used in TV) on those speaking at an event will mean that every word is captured and streamed in crystal clear clarity.

  • The use of specialist broadcast software at the event, allowing your stream to include captions, graphics, photos, and presentation slides, mixed in with the live stream footage.  This will mean that viewers will understand perfectly the message your event is delivering.

Live Streaming: About

If we were to use one word to describe our live every stream footage, then it would be "PROFESSIONAL".  
Does you brand deserve a professional live stream?

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We deliver a professional service at an affordable price.  Our rates are:-



Half Day

Streamed events of half a day or less (up to 3.5 hours)



Whole Day

Streamed events up lasting up to 7 hours in the day

FROM £200

Extended Days

Streamed events lasting longer than 7 hours in the day

Live Streaming: Price List
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