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Video Editing: Text


You may have filmed something yourself, either with a camera or a phone, but now as you look at the fantastic footage you have captured problems start to emerge:-

  • The shots you have filmed look lovely but you are not sure how to edit them into something that looks professional, reflects your brand, and tells a story about you.

  • You want your video to have a certain style (cinematic, modern, art-house, dramatic etc), but you don't know how to utilise "editing grammar" to achieve the vision that you have.

  • You want to include music as you know it will make the video more emotive, but you know that you can't just use a song from your favourite recording artist because of copyright infringement (and because sites such as YouTube will it) - what are the options?

  • And the biggest problem of all, you have limited (or no) experience using video editing software and your time is too valuable to spend learning how to use editing software

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Video Editing: About
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Let us edit your footage for you!!!

We understand that a video is important to you - it reflects your brand; something that you have worked hard to establish.  We therefore begin by discussing the video with you - do you have a video style in mind, and what message/emotion do you want to convey to the audience?

As part of the discussions we will ask you to email your footage to us so that we can start generating ideas on how your material could be used to satisfy your vision for the video.

Once we have finished editing your video we will email it to you as either a .mov or .mp4 file so that you are able to use it as you wish on social media and/or your website.

Prices start at just £59 for an edited video up to one minute in length and from £99 for edited videos over one minute in length.  All prices depend upon the complexity of the edit, and include music and captions/text to match your branding.

Video Editing: About
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