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Imagine a video of a computer generated world which the camera moves through.  For example, a computer generated modern art gallery where the camera passes 'walls' which display frames containing your images or video clips (for example images of your art or products).  Or a video of a computer generated magazine (featuring your images and text) as the pages flip over in a realistic way - this is a 'virtual' video.  

We don't have to film anything new, we just need to use your images or video clips which we can then incorporate into the 'virtual' world video.

"Virtual" Videos: About
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We offer a range of different options for your 'Virtual" Video, and these are being added to all of the time.  

All of the options can be edited to a length to suit you, meaning that they can easily be shared using Twitter and Instagram, as well as added to a website if you wish.  In addition all of the 'Virtual' Videos can be customised so they reflect your style and branding.  

Examples of the current options available can be seen below:-

"Virtual" Videos: About
"Virtual" Videos: Pro Gallery


We have licences that allow us to use music in our videos from a range of Royalty-Free music libraries.  These libraries contain thousands of professionally produced music tracks which have been created specifically for use in video, and are categorised by 'mood', 'theme' and 'genre' - it is therefore possible to customise the feel of your video, and make it unique to you, by changing the music.  

As we only use music that we have licences to use, you will not encounter any copyright infringement issues with your video, and sites such as YouTube wil not block your video due to the music. 

If you would like to discuss the music options available for your video the please get in touch and we will be happy to talk you through the various possibilities.

"Virtual" Videos: Text
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We can make your "Virtual" Video unique

Although each 'virtual' video is based upon a template, it is possible to re-edit each template so the shot sequence is different, effects can be added, or the video length can be varied depending on the number of images you have available.  

In addition, your captions and text will be unique to your video (we work with you to create engaging captions), and the fonts and colours can also be varied to stay consistent with the style of branding.  This means that each 'Virtual' video is tailored to you. 

"Virtual" Videos: Welcome


If you think the 'virtual' video option suits you then either click here to contact us or email us directly (  We will discuss your video with you, ask whether you want captions to appear throughout the video, and then ask you to email your images/video clips to us.

We aim to supply you with the first draft of your video for you to approve within 24 hours of you submitting your images to us.  If you are happy with the video then we will email you the video as either a .mov or .mp4 file, allowing you to use the video as you wish.

We also issue you with the invoice once you have supplied you with the finished video - you pay at the end of the process, once you are happy with the finished video you have received.

"Virtual" Videos: Text


To keep it simple, every 'virtual' style video we offer has two pricing options:-


Single Video

You get a fully customised video including music, and text of your choice.


Video + Two Updates

Not only do you get the video, but you also have the opportunity to have the video updated twice more during the following 12 months.  For example you may want to update the video with new exhibition dates, or update the images if you have new art/products to showcase.  This option effectively gives you three videos for the price of two.

Contact Us
"Virtual" Videos: Price List


We email you the invoice after we have sent you the finished video.  You don't pay anything upfront.

The invoice we send you will match the quote we have provided.  There are no hidden extras with our videos - for example, music is included in the price 

We accept the following payment methods:-

  • Bank Transfer

  • PayPal

"Virtual" Videos: Text
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